To change yourself, team or an organisation you have to enable it from the inside out. A personal coach unlocks your potential.


Impilo Coaching grew from the belief that a transformative journey involves the individual and collective. It was born from an obsession with investing in executives, teams, and communities across the globe. The symbiotic relationship between the two will help evolve systems and work towards systemic change.

This idea of the collective journey is part of what makes Impilo Coaching unique. Nashid and Shadi are sisters who are passionate about this journey. They were inspired by their mother who had a vision that mindfulness, psychology and the belief in something greater than one’s self were one organic whole. It was the differences between Nashid and Shadi that brought their methodologies together. They come from different backgrounds and work experiences to bring their collective skills together in order to help leaders realize their potential. They have learned that success and failure is a powerful catalyst for change and can influence people to build resiliency.

The Harvard Business Review found that 48% of business owners or leaders will engage a Coach to help facilitate a business transition, 26 % need a sounding board and 12% need assistance with addressing systemic issues in an organization. In an evolving market, it is important to stay ahead of the curve by utilizing the skills of an executive coach. Our growth mindset has allowed us to help leaders take their visions to a state of execution.

Nashid Shaker

Nashid has 9 years of business experience in multiple countries and industries. Her background in coaching and business enables her to understand human behaviour and facilitate change, growth, and development. She is a EQ coach and has been certified by MHS to deliver the EQ-i 2.0 / EQ 360 Certification training. She holds a degree in Organizational Psychology, a Master’s in Business Administration, and a diploma in counselling.

Nashid loves working with people to maximize their potential and is committed to enhancing the capacity of individuals and organizations. Nashid uses effective communication to provide a safe process to navigate complexities, while taking everyone’s voice into account.

Shadi Bastani

Shadi is a Licensed Professional Counselor with over 10 years of experience, additionally, she has a graduate diploma in coaching and an associates degree in Mind Body Psychology. She is passionate about continually improving her skills in order to meet her clients needs. Her treatment approach is integrative and eclectic.

Shadi has a deep commitment to supporting those who are involved in community transformation and believes that particularly where there has been a history of abuse or trauma, it’s important to heal wounds and stop the cycle of abuse in order to truly transform a community.

Working with clients, Our Approach is to…

• Reach a state of consciousness through Process Orientated Psychology: supporting individuals, teams and organizations in discovering themselves

• Develop leaderships skills and improve business results through discovering the impact Emotional Intelligence has on coping with uncertainty or managing complexities

• Learn how to suspend judgement and bring one’s mind to the present through the practice of Mindfulness and meditation.